Dear contractors!

Dear Client!

The fact that footwear has been produced in Tragwein for over 90 years did not happen by itself. My ancestors, with their hard work and realization of the company's vision, laid the foundations for this development.

The family business founded by my grandfather in 1925 has gone through many ups and downs during these uncertain times and endured major political and social upheavals.

From the very beginning, we have tried to produce high-quality shoes and maintain our position in this difficult market.

In order to achieve this goal and respond to market requirements, high-quality materials, perfect fit of footwear to the foot, professional workmanship and passion for footwear craftsmanship are necessary.

Thanks to the represented values, the company has survived and now, more than ever, it can be sure that it will succeed in the future. 

Our long - term goal is to ensure the dynamics of development , the ability to plan in the area of ​​organization and technology , motivated and reliable employees and maintaining a constant pace of growth . We also believe that it is our duty to act in accordance with the principles of sustainable development in social and environmental matters. One of our key tasks is to constantly improve the quality of our products and services for our customers, because they are our real employers.

Due to the fact that we focus on the continuous development of the company, we are able to provide jobs to our employees in Tragwein, thus contributing to the development of our small homeland. that the brand "SCHÜTZE-SCHUHE"


Thank you for your trust and loyalty! 
 We will continue to operate in the future 

in line with our motto



                                         Greetings from the beautiful Mühlviertel region,

                                                                 THOMAS SCHÜTZENEDER