Some words about us... 

We are a company that entered the Polish market a few years ago with professional work shoes of the Austrian brand "Schuetze Schuhe", and at the same time its main distributor. The assortment includes work shoes of the highest quality, distinguished by a solid finish and durability. Each pair of shoes is made of the best materials, in accordance with applicable legal standards in the European Union. 

At the Occupational Health and Safety and Fire Protection Fair in Katowice, we took the 2nd place in the competition for the best product - for footwear adapted to work in difficult conditions.

When you decide to buy shoes or other assortment, you get comfortable and durable products with a modern cut and appearance.

If you have any questions, please write, we are happy to advise. Please contact our representative by e-mail. 

For our part, we ensure adequate stock of selected products and express orders. 

The "Schuetze Schuhe" company has been on the market since 1925 and offers a wide range of safety footwear for many industries:

- for electricians, 

- for roofers, 

- for employees of car workshops, 

- for welders, 

- for road workers, 

- for the construction industry,  

The "Schuetze-Schuhe" company also offers perfectly matched women's shoes. Women's shoes by the brand "SCHUETZE-SCHUHE" ARE NOT MEN'S SIZE MODELS.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of footwear.